South Downs Language School

English Language School Accommodation with Host Families

One of the things that make South Downs English Language School accommodation so special is its host families.  Hurstpierpoint is a small, friendly village full of familiar faces.  We often hold social events with the host families and students, so we all know each other well.  What’s more, the vast majority of our host families live within walking distance of each other, and also of the school.  So, all in all, it’s a great environment to send your children to.

It’s a great place for adults too with plenty of local people to practise your English on and a chance to feel part of an authentic English community as opposed to feeling the anonymity that cities often leave you with.  Evenings spent with your host family are a perfect way to put into practice everything you’ve learned in your lessons and to learn about English culture, traditions, and way of life.


If you prefer to stay in a guest house or hotel, we have included some information. Follow the links.

The Finch Family

For us as a family the best bit about hosting is the fun our kids get out of it, Daniel loved having Octave stay with us and Hugo the year before. They played tennis, football and of course, the odd Xbox game, all the time laughing at each other's funny pronunciation and odd expressions. The kids stay in contact long after our visitor(s) have left, thanks to Facebook etc. and we'll happily do it again next year.

The Owen Family

It was a great experience hosting students! Our own children really enjoyed their company and language was no barrier to them all getting along. A very enriching experience for all of us.